Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big Brain Answers

Question from J.H. Chicago IL
Dear Big Brain: Where does ones "personality" come from?
Answer: That's a very good question. The BIG BRAIN was actually born without a personality. Yes, hard to believe, but true. As a youth The BIG BRAIN wondered why all the other kids had personalities and he did not. It was a type of birth defect, his mother would often tell him. Anyway, The BIG BRAIN was determined to find a way to get one. So at age 12, The BIG BRAIN got a paper route and began to save his money. After 14 years, at the age of 26, The BIG BRAIN finally saved up enough money to buy a personality and that is the personality you see here today. Some would say he did not save enough, but that's another story. Anyway, to answer your question, some people are born with a personality and some buy them from a store. Ironic isn't it.